Hudson International Group - Fire Investigations

Fire Investigations

We at Hudson International Group know quite well that a fire may not have occurred as reported and that an investigation of cause needs to be assigned to a qualified fire investigator.  By his/her early assignment in the case, the investigator will most likely be able to isolate the actual cause and determine if the cause was due to a defective product, arson or accidental. Early involvement in a fire loss will also enable the successful pursuit of subrogation which is often overlooked due to the lack of continuity.

Arson fires cause the insurance industry and ultimately their insureds significant dollars each year.  We have expert fire investigators, highly qualified forensic consultants, and engineers, so we can go the extra mile and run down every lead and possibility.    Proper and detailed investigations can minimize this needless and costly possibility.

For over 40 years, Hudson International Group has served the insurance industry’s needs in many ways.  Please look to us to meet your needs in fire investigations; we have a proven track record.  Call with any questions or your assignment at 800-735-0030, and your case will be given the highest level of professional care.

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