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Hudson International Group has provided a broad range of forensic engineering and consulting services for over 30 years. We offer the services of over 200 experienced professionals and specialists whose knowledge encompasses practically all areas of engineering. From architecture and construction to business and environmental science, our technical efforts are supported by seasoned engineering, financial, and insurance professionals. This unique blend of expertise, experience and business acumen is unequaled in the industry.


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The Hudson International Surety Consulting Group of construction specialists, engineers, estimators, and schedulers are supported by experienced bond claim professionals. These individuals form a team to aggressively and accurately assess the cost for the Surety to fulfill its bonded obligations. We are experienced in translating and presenting technical detail in a manner that is easily understood.

Property and Liability

The Hudson International Group consultants and technical experts have been involved in the successful resolution of thousands of general insurance claims. We provide the same high quality professionals in both large and small claims across the nation, serving insurance carriers, their independent adjusters, and legal representatives through our investigative services and litigation support.



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Since Hudson International's inception we have successfully completed over 27,000 cases. Learn more about some of our projects.

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Burst Pipe and Water Damage

When freezing occurs it is not the formation of ice in the pipe that causes it to rupture. Rather, it is the fact that the ice has formed a plug in the pipe, isolating the water in it from the rest of the system.


Large Building Loss

Environmental testing performed by the Hudson International Group after a large building loss revealed elevated levels of PCBs and Dioxins.



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Hudson International is excited to announce that we are expanding our services in the Southeastern U.S. region.

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