Liability Investigations

An integral part of an investigation by The Hudson International Group is that our seasoned professionals provide a thorough, objective analysis of the claimed loss. By training and experience, they can focus not only on the specific failure but also uncover any other party or factor that may have contributed to the loss, allowing all possible avenues of recovery to be pursued.

During construction, accidents or failures can occur because of material failures, but more often the loss occurred because the General Contractor or any of a number of Sub-Contractors failed to follow accepted construction procedures, and the inadequately braced wall or trusses collapse.

After construction is complete, latent construction defects can appear. Hudson’s investigation can uncover improper installation or construction but often our analysis focuses on the performance of the Design Professional. In some cases the design was doomed to failure due to erroneous calculations. In others, inadequate specifications or the use of incompatible materials led to delayed, but inevitable, failures.

In a recent case, Hudson was asked to determine the cause of exterior roof and interior ceiling sagging at multiple structures in a large housing and long-term care facility. Our engineers found problems with the design and construction of the wood truss and roofing systems, inadequate ventilation, and that the fire resistant treated lumber used in the trusses showed signs of “brashness.” Hudson’s analysis eventually included the Framing Subcontractor, the General Contractor, the Construction Manager, the Architect and Engineering Firm, the Truss Manufacturer and the Chemical Company who produced the fire retardant product.

Hudson International Group - Liability Investigations

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