Environmental Hazard Investigations: 
Groundwater Contamination

Groundwater Contamination—the very words can bring terror to the heart of any experienced attorney or claims analyst. When pollutants enter the groundwater, the cost of clean-up or remediation can be astronomical and the length of time necessary to adequately remediate the site could be years.

In many instances in the past, Insurance Carriers have simply accepted the allegation that their insured is the source of contamination based on the proximity of the insured’s property to the location where the contamination was first discovered. These allegations are usually based on findings of and engineering firm retained by other involved parties who unfortunately have their own client’s interests foremost in the interpretation of the available data.

Groundwater contamination cases can be extremely complex with a number of potential sources of contamination. If your insured has been targeted as a potentially responsible party in a groundwater contamination incident, you need the assistance of seasoned professionals who are familiar with the local geology and the movement of contaminants through the subsurface to confirm or deny whether your insured is the sole source of the contamination.

If your insured has been positively identified as the source of contamination, the choices of remediation technologies can vary widely in cost, effectiveness and length of time to complete. Our firm can help you make an educated choice to get your site remediated in the quickest, most cost effective manner thereby eliminating any further contamination or liability in the future.

The International Environmental Services (IES) team stands ready to assist you with your Groundwater Contamination Cases.

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